Masterpieces of Craftsmanship

LINN-S are made to order, individually, by experienced Japanese craftsmen.
Jika-tabi-manufacturing requires highly skilled cutting and sewing. It takes an experienced craftsman from two to three weeks to produce one pair of shoes.
Made by Japanese craftsmen using natural materials from Japan, a pair of these shoes could rightfully be called a very special item, LINN-S support good health and training, and their high-quality and well-thought out design has been supporting workmen for many, many generations.
It is because all LINN-S are handmade that they are also made to order. So when you purchase a pair of shoes, they have literally been crafted for you and you alone.


Photo: Mikawa Momen Sashiko Red+Check Red+White Rubber

Upper material: Cotton 100%
Lining material: Cotton 100%
Sole and Side material: Rubber
Hook: Brass(Nickel plated)
Size: 17.0cm to 29.0cm(unisex)


Mikawa Monen Sashiko
The Mikawa Momen Sashiko Weave is a weaving technique named after the birthplace of Japan’s oldest cotton fabrics. From very long ago, this weaving technique has been used to make work clothes and clothing worn to practice the traditional Japanese martial art called Judo. During the Edo period, firefighters who rushed to put out fires wore protective clothing made using this technique. The thick, specific weaving texture is resistant to cuts and sparks, and is robust enough to alleviate physical injuries. Therefore, it has been adopted as training clothes for a variety of martial sports as well as uniforms of carpenters and stone masons.
Okayama Denim
Okayama denim is a fabric manufactured in Okayama prefecture which thrived in the textile industry during the Edo period. Okayama prefecture is also where Japan’s first denim was developed. The traditional techniques have been perfected over many centuries and the most advanced techniques have been integrated into all of the manufacturing processes, including dyeing and weaving Okayama denim. Moreover, in recent years, the excellent quality of Okayama denim has been drawing attention internationally.
Japanese Design
Canvas is a plain-woven, thick cloth and is used as a material for bags and the like. Japanese patterns featuring animals, plants, etc. are designed using Japanese color tones. Specific Japanese styles are created by printing these patterns directly onto the canvas.