LINN-S provides a style for living beautifully.

Walk on the beach under the bright, shining morning sun.
Select fresh foods at the Whole Foods Market.
Spend your weekend enjoying yoga.
Take a vacation to go to Sedona.From time to time, allow yourself quietly to feel the energy of nature, and stride through the ground with an active spirit.More naturally,
More fashionably,
Live your life like you wantThat’s the life style LINN-S suggests.

Your toes  firmly grip the ground.
LINN-S has adopted a style that separates the big toe from the second toe to prevent bunions. You will feel the earth’s energy through the thinly designed soles.
According to ancient Asian medical techniques, stimuli on the soles of your feet properly reorient your heart and body from the inside out.The fasteners called “kohaze” bring the freedom of fitting and fashion.

Discover your LINN-S Style

Go Anywhere and Everywhere

The traditional Japanese workman’s shoe is the base of LINN-S. With its unique separate big toe design, it allows for maximum gripping power and maneuverability.
Designed for free movement even in unpaved fields, LINN-S let you fully enjoy the pleasure of trail walking. With LINN-S, you can go anywhere at all.

Unprecedented Performance

LINN-S’s thin soles and independent big toe design provide a direct feeling of contact with the board surface, allowing for delicate maneuverability.
Allowing you to work in total harmony, communicating one-on-one with your skateboard, LINN-S will let you pull off tricks you never thought possible.

Awakening Your Sleeping Power

LINN-S, with their thin soles and flexible material that allows free ankle movement, encourage you to use your own muscles while learning to accommodate the shock from the ground. Based on principles in complete opposition to sneakers, they allow you to achieve the same beneficial results as barefoot training while allowing you to do safely in areas where bare feet might be difficult.

Watching Your Step

LINN-S boasts traditional Japanese style designs, redesigned for the modern age.
Combining materials, colors, and patterns straight from Japan’s natural environment with short boot design, LINN-S will let your unique individuality shine for everyone to see.